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October Candle
October Candle Sale price$30.00
December Candle
December Candle Sale price$30.00
Fair TradeBlack Tasseled Belly BasketBlack Tasseled Belly Basket
Black Tasseled Belly Basket Sale priceFrom $19.00
Fair TradeSweet Pea Belly BasketSweet Pea Belly Basket
Sweet Pea Belly Basket Sale priceFrom $19.00
Fair TradeSold outWhite Reindeer Felt OrnamentWhite Reindeer Felt Ornament
Fair TradeSold outWhite Marble Spoon RestWhite Marble Spoon Rest
White Marble Spoon Rest Sale price$25.00
Fair TradeSold outWhite Marble Hexa Napkin Ring SetWhite Marble Hexa Napkin Ring Set
Fair TradeWater Hyacinth Napkin Ring SetWater Hyacinth Napkin Ring Set
Fair TradeWater Hyacinth ChargerWater Hyacinth Charger
Water Hyacinth Charger Sale priceFrom $24.00
Fair TradeTibeb Cotton Hand TowelTibeb Cotton Hand Towel
Tibeb Cotton Hand Towel Sale price$32.00
Fair TradeSoldier Mouse Felt OrnamentSoldier Mouse Felt Ornament
Fair TradeSold outMarble Spice Cellar PairMarble Spice Cellar Pair
Marble Spice Cellar Pair Sale price$15.00
Fair TradeSold outMarble Salad ServersMarble Salad Servers
Marble Salad Servers Sale price$18.00
Fair TradeHalo Pendant Necklace
Halo Pendant Necklace Sale price$16.00
Fair TradeBallerina Mouse Felt OrnamentBallerina Mouse Felt Ornament
Fair TradeSold outAcacia Wood Snack Serving BowlAcacia Wood Snack Serving Bowl
Fair TradeSold out15" White Marble Tray15" White Marble Tray
15" White Marble Tray Sale price$29.00
Fair Trade10" Tonga Fruit Basket10" Tonga Fruit Basket
10" Tonga Fruit Basket Sale price$40.00
Fair Trade12" Tonga Fruit Basket12" Tonga Fruit Basket
12" Tonga Fruit Basket Sale price$42.00
Fair Trade14" Tonga Basket14" Tonga Basket
14" Tonga Basket Sale price$46.00
Fair Trade13" Tonga Basket13" Tonga Basket
13" Tonga Basket Sale price$44.00
Fair TradeAbira Throw Pillow CoverAbira Throw Pillow Cover
Abira Throw Pillow Cover Sale price$32.00
Fair Trade16" Acacia Wood Serving Tray16" Acacia Wood Serving Tray
Fair TradeLambadi Throw Pillow CoverLambadi Throw Pillow Cover
Fair TradePriya Throw Pillow CoverPriya Throw Pillow Cover
Priya Throw Pillow Cover Sale price$32.00
Fair TradeTasseled Throw Pillow CoverTasseled Throw Pillow Cover
Fair TradeAtlas Throw Pillow CoverAtlas Throw Pillow Cover
Atlas Throw Pillow Cover Sale price$44.00
Fair TradeAcacia Wood Smoothie Bowl + SpoonAcacia Wood Smoothie Bowl + Spoon
Fair TradeAden Cotton NapkinAden Cotton Napkin
Aden Cotton Napkin Sale priceFrom $18.00
Fair TradeAden Hooded Baby TowelAden Hooded Baby Towel
Aden Hooded Baby Towel Sale price$42.00
Fair TradeAvery Cotton Tea TowelAvery Cotton Tea Towel
Avery Cotton Tea Towel Sale price$22.00
Fair TradeSold outBrown Reindeer Felt OrnamentBrown Reindeer Felt Ornament
Fair TradeCabin Hatch Cotton Hand TowelCabin Hatch Cotton Hand Towel
Fair TradeCamden Cotton Hand TowelCamden Cotton Hand Towel
Camden Cotton Hand Towel Sale price$33.00
Fair TradeChelsea Cotton Tea TowelChelsea Cotton Tea Towel
Chelsea Cotton Tea Towel Sale price$22.00
Fair TradeChesapeake Cotton Tea TowelChesapeake Cotton Tea Towel
Fair TradeEmbroidered Star Felt OrnamentEmbroidered Star Felt Ornament
Fair TradeHandwoven Cotton Baby SwaddleHandwoven Cotton Baby Swaddle
Fair TradeSold outFlower Mouse Felt OrnamentFlower Mouse Felt Ornament
Fair TradeOlive Wood Coffee Spoon SetOlive Wood Coffee Spoon Set
Fair TradeSold outOlive Wood Cooking Spoon SetOlive Wood Cooking Spoon Set
Fair TradeOlive Wood Spiral Salad ServersOlive Wood Spiral Salad Servers
Fair TradePenguin Felt OrnamentPenguin Felt Ornament
Penguin Felt Ornament Sale price$18.00
Fair TradePulled Cotton NapkinsPulled Cotton Napkins
Pulled Cotton Napkins Sale priceFrom $20.00
Fair TradeRiviera Cotton NapkinsRiviera Cotton Napkins
Riviera Cotton Napkins Sale priceFrom $18.00
Fair TradeSold outSnowman Felt OrnamentSnowman Felt Ornament
Snowman Felt Ornament Sale price$18.00
Fair TradeSafari Animal Wall HooksSafari Animal Wall Hooks
Safari Animal Wall Hooks Sale price$32.00
Fair TradeSoho Cotton Hand TowelSoho Cotton Hand Towel
Soho Cotton Hand Towel Sale price$33.00